Blockchain: Women’s & Children’s Health Have a First Encounter

Kyle Kemper and Dr Jane Thomason facilitated two Blockchain and CRVS labs in Ottawa this week at the Global Meeting on “Harnessing the Power: CRVS systems for 2030 Global Health Agendas.” For the uninitiated CRVS stands for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics. Central to which is identity – an obvious Blockchain use case.

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Podcast – Conversation with Dr Jane Thomason – Global Blockchain Powerhouse

This week I had the chance to speak with Dr Jane Thomason, a global leader driving the application of blockchain technology for social impact. Global Ambassador for the British Blockchain Association and CEO of ABT Associates, a global consultancy of “bold thinkers driving real-world impact”, Dr Thomason is working with the UN and other organisations to drive economic and social inclusion for the world’s most vulnerable. A great female voice in the blockchain space.

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Cinderblock Chapter Three: Government

In concluding her briefing, Cinderella’s high regard for Estonia was sealed with whipped cream and a cherry on the top.  As she considered with growing enthusiasm the immense appeal of taking out e-Residency from the comfort of her conservatory while wearing Ugg slippers (her preferred slipper of choice nowadays), she was greatly heartened at the further opportunities for her children, given Estonia’s commitment that by 2020 all study materials will be digitised and available through an online e-schoolbag.

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