Cybersecurity for Dummies Series I Crypto in Your Neighborhood Part 2… Digital Pickpockets

I had been traveling and juggling multiple things at once, including jet-lag, when I finally decided to give some time to understand the situation with Ian Balina. I’ve seen several articles about his recent security breach and have caught up on his telegram and twitter mention describing the incident. As I’m reading all the information I’m recognizing a familiar situation that can happen to many of us at any given time. Pay attention and listen close because you are not far off from being the next victim.

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Cinderblock: The Conclusion of a Modern Blockchain Fairy Story

Dear reader, you may be wondering at Cinderella’s views on, and involvement in, cryptocurrency and other fintech applications of Blockchain. At a personal level, she saw the immense benefits Blockchain could provide for the many unbanked and underbanked people in developing communities, particularly women and girls.  She understood the importance of financial inclusion, yet the absence of an official identity precluded their participation in so many systems for which the establishment of identify was the first and fundamental step.

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Academy Xi Blockchain Educator Offers Scholarships through MissBlockchain

Australian based Academy Xi are partnering with Miss Blockchain to sponsor $1,000 scholarships for their Australian Designing for Blockchain course.
Over 10 weeks, part-time, you’ll learn how to take advantage of what is indeed the new economy. Use the latest tools and resources to develop your very own Blockchain concept. There are no course prerequisites, and expert instructors will teach you from the ground up.

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