Australia’s BlockChain Mate recognised as a finalist in the 2017 Lloyds List Intelligence Maritime Innovation Award

BlockChain Mate has been recognised for its blockchain based Certificate Solution – “Competence Passport” that removes the paper and provides a seamless and secure solution for international mariner qualifications.

Melbourne, Australia, 01st October 2017: BlockChain Mate was named as a finalist in the Innovation category for the Lloyd’s List 2017 Asia, Middle East and Africa Maritime Awards.  The aggregation of electronic certificates from multiple, disparate sources into one easy view and shareable solution is a world first that will be the envy of many international industries, led by the maritime industry.

BlockChain Mate was chosen and recognised for its innovative approach to providing a platform that links sovereign government, training institution, medical examiners, shipping companies and, of course, maritime professionals.

In addition to Certificate of Competence, Short Courses, International Endorsements, the blockchain based “Competence Passport” contains revolutionary Dual Signed Work Agreements and Medical Fitness Certificates required under International and Maritime Labour Conventions.  These are validated and stored using blockchain technology – providing a single source compliance solution for Port State control and an electronic source of data that can be integrated into existing industry solutions using API’s.

BlockChain Mate uses a private permissioned blockchain solution for this application in the maritime industry.  Where Competence Passport is extended to other industry sectors, for example aviation and medical, public blockchain solutions will be tailored to suit. Competence Passport provides all necessary functionality to provide an industry vertical solution, a generation ahead of other simple single certificate blockchain applications being developed elsewhere.

BlockChain Mate joins a distinguished list of award finalists and shipping industry leaders in Dubai on 28th November 2017 for the Awards presentation.

For more information please contact Aaron McMurray