Are you a woman who owns Bitcoin? Apparently, you’re one of a 3.43% minority, says Evelina Bajorune, Founder of Moms Avenue – the first blockchain-powered social entrepreneurship platform dedicated entirely to moms. 

In recent years, the rate of women entrepreneurs has been growing at a percentage at least double that of their male counterparts. However, these woman-friendly highlights do not shine over the Bitcoin market. According to the newest figures from Coin Dance, the margin between male and female is still huge. It shows that there are 96.57% male users compared to 3.43% female.

There are many charts of the richest Bitcoin users all over the Internet. These charts change every day due to BTC ups and downs. However, it never changes that much to welcome a woman. There wasn’t any time or any place where any woman became one of top 10 richest bitcoin user. Ever.

Many surveys show that an average Bitcoin user is young, pale, techy and male. Men dominate the market which is predicted to exceed $200.0 billion by year’s end. Why are women so underrepresented in a vibrant and trendy cryptocurrency community?

“At London Bitcoin expo and looking forward to some interesting talks. You can spot me easily – I’m the girl”, – tweeted a blogger Victoria Turk on 2013. Five years later the situation has barely changed.

According to DHR International, only 8% of FinTech global directors are women. Bitcoin and Blockchain are still in its infancy; Bitcoin is usually seen as “too technical”. This could be a lack of exposure which leads to lack of understanding.

A few years ago, March 8th was announced as Bitcoin Women’s Day. After celebrating the occasion in 2015, 2016 seemed quieter. In 2017 there were an absolute zero events dedicated to women in Bitcoin.

Another blogger Meltem Demirors wrote that “education is the primary tool we have to get more women into Bitcoin.” Does this mean that women have a lack of education about cryptocurrency? There are a few solitary and local initiatives, meetings or courses about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for women, and of course the nascent global movement Women In Blockchain. Things are getting better.

For example, MIT Digital Currency Initiative hosted an event where they taught middle school girls some basic Bitcoin code. [And Melbourne Girl’s Grammar recently participated in the Smart Cities Melbourne Hackathon – Ed]

The American Bitcoin forum for women, Crypto Moms, has celebrated its third anniversary. Its mission is to increase women’s participation in cryptocurrency. Also, a Blockchain powered Social Entrepreneurship Platform designed form Moms ‘Moms Avenue’ has just announced its beginning. It aims to educate moms to start their business and introduce benefits on Crypto currencies while creating a crypto wallet for all women around the globe.

Women will be critical players in the expansion of Bitcoin – once said writer and blogger Pua Pyland. “We hold the power of the purse strings, we constitute the fastest growing segment of the small-business owner community, and it has been proven that the diversity women bring to the tech space boosts innovation and creativity. Hello, perfect Bitcoin user!”

And these words make sense. According to Women influence 7 trillion dollars of spending in the US annually in this country and influence 83% of all consumer spending in the United States. shows that in 2013, women globally spent about 29 trillion U.S. dollars. It is predicted that in 2018 the numbers will increase to 40 trillion U.S. dollars.

Ladies surely can be called the future Bitcoin revolutionaries and Blockchain may be a game changer for women looking to make their mark in the tech industry. Blockchain moved beyond being just the technology behind Bitcoin showing it has the potential to disrupt many different industries. It’s not only the mysterious and hardly understandable online market. It might be a Blockchain based taxi service, music distribution or handicraft selling platform. Just imagine what the most significant spenders could do in the $56 billion worth crypto market.