Adam A. Jacoby, founder of Mivote, a platform that empowers anyone to run for an elected office and connects them directly to their community, all for free, reflects on the year that was.

So here we are. It’s December and I can’t stop myself from reflecting on the year so far and the journey that led to it.

When I engaged in this exercise last year I could not have imagined the ride that was in front of me in 2017. After six years working on something, you hope but don’t really expect that one year can bring such momentum.

For context, I was a terrible student at school. My 12th grade English teacher told me that she hoped my sporting career takes off because I was otherwise useless.

I wasn’t particularly smart, engaging or friendly. I had no idea what I wanted to do and frankly I feared that whatever it was I probably wasn’t built for it anyway.

25 years on I look back on a full and interesting career and try to make sense of 2017. It was in many ways a breakthrough year for me and MiVote.

We built the world’s first and best blockchain voting app, saw tons of incredible and inspiring new volunteers join us, created a global brand presence, conducted policy votes that thousands have participated in, partnered with iconic NGOs & universities, spoke at conferences all over the world & inspired people from a dozen countries to start MiVote chapters.

Never let others define your value. Never give up. Never let your yesterday define your tomorrow. Be patient.

What is MiVote?

In its simplest form, MiVote is three things:

  • The distribution of free, unbiased research on the issues that matter to everyone.
  • A secure app that helps us take action on those issues, by voting on them and ensuring they remain tamper-proof.
  • Representation at a government level. Not by politicians, but community members chosen by you. These ‘MiVote-Powered Independents’ are bound to the majority position voted on by community members who use the app.

Show your support

MiVote is fundraising to help 100 independent candidates run for election in 23 countries around the world in 2018. Our voting app gives eligible voters 16+ an equal and informed say on the future they want for their community, issue by issue. All for free.