Sunny Osea is a graduate of Business Administration and an admin of the WIBI women in blockchain and women in crypto telegram groups.

There are a myriad of different wallets out there, I am going to try to keep things simple here and just discuss ways to reduce your risk of loosing access to one of your exchange accounts. I don’t know about you, but I lose or break my phone all the time. It dawned on me once I realized I had about 5 exchanges hooked up to my phone that if something happened to my phone, could I get into my exchanges without my google authenticator? I have several google accounts on my phone so I could not pinpoint my authenticator to be linked to one specific email address. I know exchanges give you secret seed codes, because Coinbase and Binance had prompted me to write these down and put them away for safe keeping. I didn’t have these same codes for the other exchanges I am apart of.

These 16 – Digit seed codes are the same code that is underneath or above the QR code you want to scan into you phone.  See image below with a Kucoin QR code the red text is what you need to write down in your paper wallet for safe keeping. Do it with all of your exchanges. The only exchange with 2fa that does not give you this code as of now is Cobinhood, so I opted for the texting 2fa. I make sure that I have the 16 digit back-up key for every 2fa password on my google authenticator.


As long as you have all of these passkeys written down if you  your phone and get a new device all you have to do is download your google authenticator app and press the little pencil up in the top right hand corner and manually enter your passkeys to get access to your 2fa passwords.

Happy Trading!

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