A conference showcasing the latest in blockchain technologies and why Puerto Rico will likely become the epicentre of a multi-trillion dollar market is scheduled for 14–16 March 2018 at San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Leslie Scofield is new to the Crypto World, but not so new that she can’t see that there’s lots of opportunity for getting women involved and has some great ideas up her sleeve. As she helps turn the Puerto Crypto Conference into something special and more diverse than the other recent conference dishes we’ve been served this year, Leslie says:

“I’d love insight from women you’d love to hear speak or be on panels. We need more woman to be there and to be active. This is a big push of mine for the conference and beyond. Please send any direction, ideas, and suggestions my way.”

Here’s the link to book tickets for the conference https://www.theticketfairy.com/r/1788/275998

And if you’re a woman, you get to enter the code Empower20 … Women get 20% off as the Puerto Rico team try to shed light and close the wage gap in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

So exciting to be here!

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