Question: How do you break down entry barriers to digital money?

Answer: Breaking any barrier starts with education. Current issues in the sector is due to the lack of communication from the government and private sectors. Private sector is waiting for governments to find common ground and place boundaries for doing business. Add millennials to the pot, and you find yourself playing catchup. The key is to understand that technology in itself is disruptive, and it is driven by the millennials that embrace it. Help your self, by educating yourself first and helping others at least feel comfortable. We are neither dinosaurs nor aliens. Expect change to happen. I am not going to recommend one news source. Rather I will suggest joining the Women in Blockchain International Group ( to get you started with applying crypto knowledge and joining the community. The group is mainly for women, men accepted…only if you behave. Let me hear from you what got you interested in blockchain and how we can help you at

Who is Alice?

Alice Hlidkova consults with individuals and businesses on cryptocurrency education and blockchain technology execution, advocating for women in blockchain. She is on the core management team for Pitch Investors Live, a new blockchain-backed platform where startups and entrepreneurs pitch business ideas and proposals to investors live. She started her consulting agency while a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University where she helped launch a tech public-private organization recognized by President Obama. Previous clients include: U.S. Department of Defense, InfusionSoft and Digital Age Business. She is based in Chicago, USA.