Question: How can you break your money limitation, and embark on the greatest opportunity of our time?


According to a video post by Amanda Steinberg on her blog Dailyworth, “50-65% of the  $30 Trillion wealth transfer will go into the hands of women by 2030.” Of the $20T, “$8T will transfer to 30 Million most affluent women between $10,000-$1 Million.” What Steinberg suggests is that women will experience the largest transfer of wealth and that will continue to increase over time. In addition, she adds that “nearly 7 in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings.” Although Amanda does not talk about sources of wealth and savings, the numbers are alarming and require changes in habits and mindsets.

I ran across Steinberg’s blog when I googled ‘women and money’ in my quest to read about the wealth mindset of women. My goal is to use tools that can help me and other women transition into a wealth mindset some refer to as the ‘abundance mindset’ so that we become winners. Let’s invest in our future and move away from scarcity. My parents, taught me to save. They never invested, and believed people with money were evil, with banks being the largest culprit. We never thought we could be wealthy, as we were immigrants and earning money in a new country was so much more difficult. We survived, but we could have thrived had we invested.

When I started my consulting agency in early 2017, I had to sell myself. Selling services or products for others was a heck of a lot easier than selling my time. I realized quickly that I had a perception that I hadn’t deserved money; which made it more challenging to close deals. Speaking to other women gave me the perspective that I wasn’t alone. I went on to take personality tests learning that I am a high-risk, entrepreneur, meaning that money accumulation is a roller coaster ride. No problem!

Later that year, my mentor introduced me to “How to Become Money Workbook” by Gary Douglas, a series of Q&As on your relationship with money. I gained a new outlook: the things I want I can manifest; a romantic relationship, an apartment by the water, and a sailboat. I got the first down for now. Yet I needed help with behavioral changes. I read through sales books, and practiced different tricks. Recently, I met Ross Jeffries who autographed his book, “Subtle Words that Sell.” He talks about the words he uses to make people comfortable and sell them without them knowing it!

Last week, I took the book with me to CoinAgenda, an event that connects blockchain companies to investors. I traveled with the Pitch Investors Live founders to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Few women attended the event. Most were in PR or legal who were there to learn. I met Mike Terpin’s PR team (his agency Transform Group is responsible for doing marketing for 30% of the blockchain companies).

When I returned from my trip, I revisited Steinberg’s blog and took the money evaluation survey that gave me a new perspective.  As a visionary, I take risks and money flow is once again a rollercoaster. Scoring 75% as a ‘visionary,” I see money as a tool for self-expression and a means to follow my passion. My next highest score, the ‘independent’ at 58%, demonstrates my value for freedom and autonomy.

Because I give greatest value to living life on my own terms, it makes sense why I am in the blockchain industry. To me, it symbolizes freedom and disruption. Yes, I don’t allow money to dictate my life and perhaps I should. Rather creativity and the expression of it motivates me to do better. In blockchain, we get creative and resourceful.

I challenge you to take the money test and for you to learn how you can contribute to the blockchain industry.

When you are done, hop on a call with me and be a part of the Winner’s Circle.

See you on Saturday!