In this post, we cover Taqanu – get to know the team’s Mission and Vision, the UN Sustainable Development Goal that is relevant to this project, its current status and the career opportunities that are currently available at Taqanu. Read on and good luck on your job search!

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Over 1 billion people in the world cannot prove who they are.
Twenty-two million of them are refugees who have fled from conflict or natural disasters.


“Blockchain based digital identity for refugees and disenfranchised people.” – Balázs Némethi (Founder & CEO)


Mission & Vision

“Enable anyone with access to a smartphone to establish a trusted digital ID to obtain access to Financial & Social services globally.

To improve the lives of refugees using the latest digital, technological & risk management techniques.

To re-establish identity lost through displacement.”

I started the project because Hungary (my home) built a fence against refugees and I was ashamed and wanted to do something that can actually help the newcomers. – Balázs Némethi (Founder and CEO)

Source: Taqanu (Medium) – “The Pineapple Fund — 5057 BTC donation & our application” dated December 14, 2017

Relevant UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)

Taqanu is contributing to SDG 16.9. Under Goal 16, one of the targets is “By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration”.

Current Status of the Project

The project has already engaged various international non-governmental organizations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, World Vision, World Food Programme, Oxfam, etc.

Taqanu has an upcoming token sale.

Career Opportunities / Jobs

Besides tech jobs, Taqanu has positions available for Development & Partnerships and Marketing (see below). Also, if you don’t see a position that fits you but want to join the team, fill out the form to let Taqanu know of your interest.

Tech Jobs

  • UX/UI Designer – Europe
  • Mobile App Developer- Europe
  • Lead Developer- Europe
  • Front End Developer – Europe
  • Back End Developer – Europe
  • Data Security Architect – Europe

Non-Tech Jobs

  • Development & Partnerships Manager – Global
  • Marketing – Europe

In addition to the list above, Balázs mentioned in a previous interview with Rebank that they are looking for people to advise on FinTech regulatory considerations for the project in the different countries around the world e.g., London, Switzerland, Singapore.


Question: What does the word Taqanu mean?

Answer: Taqanu means “To be safe” in Akkadian – a language that was used in 800 B.C. Babylon by king Hammurabi and his Code of Ur-Nammu which is the oldest known law code surviving today.

Further Reading

If you are keen on solving the identity problem, here’s a GitHub list of other projects:

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