Q: How to find a job in blockchain

A: Before you begin your search ask yourself, “What kind of life do I envision?” Do you want to have kids one day, start your own business, travel, or get paid weekly? Consider your life habits before you plunge into the job hunt.

Parents: Consider your priorities for family. Whether you are home with the kids or hire a babysitter, your priority will probably be your child. In this case, you require flexible employment. One way to get into the blockchain industry as a mom, is becoming a social media manager on a project. You get to post company updates, 2–3 times a day, research for frequently asked questions and run campaigns in telegram to engage users. Chances are you will meet others in your position, who would like to hire you for the next project.

Entrepreneurs: Start your own consulting agency and offer services such as marketing, talent recruit or technology support for blockchain companies. You will find yourself writing business plans, white papers, sales funnels and even get offers to join the founding team as a contractor while still maintaining your position as an entrepreneur. This industry is never too short of advisory roles.

Travelers: Take full-advantage of the freelance, gig-economy with your beautiful photography to be used for blockchain marketing materials. You can gather user stories to be used for social media. If you don’t like either, pick a speciality and travel with intent. No one is a prophet in his or her own land. Chances are you will become the culture manager or creative director at one of these blockchain companies.

Employed: Thrive in this space by rising the ranks and lead great teams. Because your skill set is in high demand, negotiate with your employer for flexible hours, office/home hours, and other arrangements you make with your boss. Remember that you can always work on side projects late evenings and on weekends to prepare for a transition to join another company if your boss is not supportive.


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Who is Alice?

Alice Hlidkova consults with individuals and businesses on cryptocurrency education and blockchain technology execution, advocating for women in blockchain. She is on the core management team for Pitch Investors Live, a new blockchain-backed platform where startups and entrepreneurs pitch business ideas and proposals to investors live. She started her consulting agency while a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University where she helped launch a tech public-private organization recognized by President Obama. Previous clients include: U.S. Department of Defense, InfusionSoft and Digital Age Business. She is based in Chicago, USA.