My name is Olayinka Odeniran a CCO by day, Cybersecurity advocate at all time, and blockchain enthusiast. The opinions in this article are my own. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and share this article. Member of Women in Blockchain International group.

Top rated question on the internet is: “how can I secure my information?”

The thought of securing your #privacy or #confidential information has probably crossed your mind. Especially as you move through various #blockchain and #cryptocurrency communities.

As a #cybersecurity expert I have been toying with the idea of providing educational articles/posts geared towards individual safety in the digital space. With the increased number of data breach, fraudsters and scammers, it is critical for everyone to exercise safety measures to prevent being a cyber- victim.

Cybersecurity ensures the ability to maintain data Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. We all remember when we used to guard our passport information, address, date of birth, maiden name, government issued ID number and the list goes on. All of the information listed are known as personally identifiable information; information that alone or combined identifies who you are and make it easier for a stranger to access all your most valuable information, whether data or assets.

Since the beginning of the era, we have slowly shifted towards a world where there is massive data dumping, retrieval and acquisition. Data, everything that digitally can identify you, or what you own, where you go, what you do, your likes interests, etc., is all over the internet. Some companies are harvesting that information to sell to others (#Facebook). While others are collecting that information to develop target marketing campaigns (#CambridgeAnalytica), sell you goods and services, or for surveillance.

Big brother is watching. The realization is that big brother is not just the government but every data broker, consumers and collectors are watching. We have all become an existence of something that is not us in the human form; but in the digital universe we make up a part of the gold mine for various sources to target.

Our data is valuable. Yes, the data collection has generated billions of dollars for people who collect our data. Which makes it a lucrative commodity to many. Especially, hackers who seek monetary gain. Someone is always out there ready to use your data, and someone is out there to scam you out of it.

Don’t be a victim. Knowing your most vulnerable areas and the risks that you expose yourself to, is very important. Once you know your risks and vulnerability you can take steps to secure your data.

Knowledge is power. Through the educational articles and posts, I will provide you with safety measures to prevent falling prey to cyber threats and criminals. The last thing you want to do is make silly mistakes that can cost you all your money or your life.

Take the first step. The upcoming articles and posts will be a series of informational tips to help you apply safety measures for your online persona. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.