Job Description

Our client is an exciting start-up developing a cryptocurrency network based on an
open-source third generation blockchain we’re creating which is focused on setting a
new standard in security and protection for buyers while solving a widespread problem in game development funding.

They are looking for a VP of Community and Growth who will be responsible and own the entirety of growth from awareness, acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and
referral. You will be optimizing the entire funnel by building core product values,
ensuring our community is able to experience those core values as soon as possible
and help users experience these core values as often as possible within a short period
of time through a holistic approach. You will need a high level of analytical problem
solving, project management and collaboration skills as you design and implement
user acquisition strategies. You’ll work to optimize our conversion funnels, test and
determine direction across channels and scale best practices.
Reporting directly to the CEO, you’ll be developing and leading the Community and
Growth team to ensure a healthy and vibrant community is supported with information on the company, company products and our desire to make a positive change in the industry.

About Us

Blockchain technology is now widely viewed as the next breakthrough technology
poised to change the world of commerce, business and elsewhere in our lives within
the next ten years. It offers opportunities that optimize transactions and processes and cutting losses due to inefficiencies and fraud. But currently there isn’t any solution regarding the opportunities available to address problems this innovative technology has such as the social-economic cost being currently ignored.

Our Client believes that a global community should be one that is open, sustainable, encourages diversity, innovation and thrives as it reinforces positive values to the world as a whole. Blockchain has laid a technological foundation to make this vision a reality. We’re committed to create such a community.

Duties and Responsibilities

● Responsible and own the entirety of growth for both the community and Ŵ
across each of the following: awareness, acquisition, activation, retention,
revenue and referral.
● Drive and take responsibility for all KPIs related to community and Ŵ growth,
focusing on building as priority the virality of both the community and Ŵ.
● Work with product and engineering on prioritization, testing and knowing what it
takes to get product pushes out quickly and high quality.
● Work with the Chief Economist on community and Ŵ retention and growth.
● Build and maintain analytics and systems to measure performance.
● Own, develop and refine our referral strategy as part of the overall growth
● Select and implement various growth tools to make the team more efficient.
● You will create and continuously refine online and offline acquisition strategies.
● Manage all online and offline channels.
● Use knowledge of customer economics to pull the right levers across all online
and offline acquisition channels.
● Select and manage both in-house team members and agencies and
third-parties to execute acquisition campaigns.
● Work closely with CTO, CE and CPO on alignment of messaging,
communications and differentiators within the funnel for both community and Ŵ.
● Collect and utilize deep customer insights to develop an understanding of user
needs, habits and perceptions to seed our strategy regarding community and Ŵ
virality and acquisition.
● Optimize user segmentation using analytics to better improve customer
definitions for virality and acquisition.
● Create and implement retargeting strategies within the community and Ŵ.
● Manage and build a team who designs and implements tests for both
acquisition channels and the conversion funnel.
● Stay curious and relevant on new and evolving strategies.
● A/B test landing pages (both web and mobile app) and stages of the conversion
funnel to improve conversion rates.
● A/B and continuously iterate team and strategies to optimize for growth and
virality of the community and Ŵ.
● Work closely with CTO, CE and CPO to implement tests and features outside of
the conversion funnel that may impact overall growth, focusing on any impacts
on the virality of the community.


● You’ll need at least a Master’s degree in communication or marketing.
● At least 5 years experience directly in an executive level growth and acquisition
role in a technology company with a global product and/or services platform.
● Experience managing teams to implement funnel optimization strategies.
● Deep expertise in excel, SQL, SPSS and other analytical tools.
● Experience managing external consultants.
● Deep experience in setting up and managing multiple online and offline
channels: search, social, display, direct mail, etc.
● You must know basic acquisition strategies, knowing what work sand what
doesn’t, and always have a pulse on new methods coming to the market.
● You must be analytical. Digging deep on the numbers and motivated by the
results of trackable and quantifiable data.
● You’re a solutions-focused thinker, quick to test new strategies and campaigns.
● You sit on the line of execution and strategy and are comfortable wearing both
● You have extensive experience managing both short and long-term acquisition
● You’ve seen both great success and failures in growth, and when you failed, it
was fast. You need to be able to talk about these, proving examples of both.
● You’re excited about blockchain technology, communities and how a distributed
platform can change the world.
● Excellent social and networking skills with the ability to influence, persuade and
● Excellent abilities creating content that drives engagement and lead generation.
● Significant experience planning and hosting in-person events and meetups that
support the main business strategy and hit significant strategic goals.
● Committed to the highest levels of integrity, ethics and professionalism.

Key Traits We’re Looking For

  • Communications
  • Platform (dev relationships)
  • User growth
  • Economics Platform (end user relationships)
  • Growth hacking
  • Evangelist Public relations/PR


● Competitive Salary
● Awesome bonus
● 20 days annual leave
● 8 days personal leave
● 100% medical, dental and vision insurance
● Life insurance
● 401(k) and FSA
● Gym on site, accessible 24/7
● Loads more!

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