Boyd Cohen Ph.D., a researcher and entrepreneur in smart, sustainable & entrepreneurial cities, has authored 3 books & is CEO of IoMob

 It is with great pleasure that IoMob along with a growing list of global collaborators are officially announcing the launch of the Blockchain Cities Alliance (BCA). The smart cities movement has been active for a decade now and we have seen it evolve from a tech-push model (smart cities 1.0) to a city-led tech-enabled model (smart cities 2.0) and now to citizen co-creation (smart cities 3.0).

Despite this evolution in thinking, much of the smart cities discussion today still revolves around IoT, big data and AI among other emerging technology. While we at the BCA are bullish on how these technologies could enable smarter cities and happier citizens, we believe the role of blockchain to support citizen co-creation in ways that benefit all and not the few, has been underexplored.

Decentralization technologies like blockchain can empower and enable local residents and enterepreneurs to take an active role in helping shape local democracies and economies. The Blockchain Cities Alliance aims to be a bridge between different stakeholders in cities and the blockchain movement to find collaborative solutions and support convergence with other technologies like AI and IoT. Take for example a recent collaboration between Fab City (a co-founder of the BCA) and Steamer which is empowering citizens to capture distributed local environmental data and monetize this through tokens in a data marketplace.

Of course at IoMob, we too are embracing smart cities 3.0 by empowering local mobility entrepreneurs to compete on an even playing field with multinational mobility companies while enabling seamless access to intermodal public and private transit solutions. At IoMob we are building the next generation Internet of Mobility (IoM) to expand and decentralize emerging mobiltiy as a service (MaaS) models.

We have been overwhelmed and humbled by the reception the concept of the Blockchain Cities Alliance has had and the amazing number of globally-minded organizations embracing its formation. The BCA is continuing to grow its founding members from a range of academic, blockchain companies, smart cities organizations and of course cities themselves to collaborate in a coalition aimed to raise awareness for the growing amount of use cases for blockhain in smart cities, share information, collaborate on project impelmentations across cities and regions and even explore common standards for interoperability.

The current list of founding organizations in alphabetical order includes:

Anteverti, Bee Smart City, Block Asset, Caelum Labs, Fab City, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, IoMob and City of Blockchain Vienna

Our first official activity will be hosting a webinar on blockchain cities for Bright Talk on June 13th with IoMob co-founder, Boyd Cohen and Block Asset managing partner, David Lee.

If you are interested in joining or learning more please reach us via our newly launched website:

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