Jessica Orrey is a recruitment specialist, operating exclusively within the digital and the emerging technology (IoT/Blockchain) space in Melbourne, Australia.

Blockchain technology is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting technological advancements in a very long time. It quickly became apparent that it is so much more than just Bitcoin and the application of it has become far more widespread. I recently attended RMIT Online ‘Blockchain in Australiabreakfast event which really opened my eyes to some of the ways it is being used, aside from being an instrument of finance. The humanitarian spin which Monique Morrow (President and Co-Founder of The Humanised Internet) put on things was particularly exciting to listen to!

An example of this is the development of digital identity systems which could give millions of refugees the ability to get food from a shop with a simple retina scan, as well as retaining important personal information (such as their vaccination records and degree qualifications) to give them the best possible chance of successfully resettling in another country.

Now that so many businesses have got blockchain fever, the demand for talent is at an all-time high. The rapid rise of this technology has created a huge skills gap, where demand for experienced blockchain developers far outweighs the supply.

A lot of my start-up clients talk to me about needing someone to “hit the ground running” when it comes to blockchain development. They are just under so much pressure to meet urgent project requirements that they have very little time to dedicate to training people, which isn’t exactly helping the situation.

When it comes to finding this talent, conventional recruitment methods probably won’t do the trick. We need to ‘think outside the block’ (pun intended) to find new ways to source blockchain professionals… and fast!

As the job title of Blockchain Developer hasn’t existed for long, you cannot go ‘like for like’ with regards to recruiting by job type alone. Not only is the tech stack important but closer attention needs to be spent on the product being developed, the problem to be solved and how the developers go about it. There also needs to be a bigger focus around a candidate’s extracurricular interests, event attendance and hobbies.

One of the best ways for Recruitment/Talent Acquisition teams to dig out these hidden gems is to integrate themselves within the blockchain community by logging onto online forums and going along to industry events/conferences. This is where you’ll find them – very excitedly discussing new technologies and the latest industry trends between themselves!

Many enthusiastic and inquisitive software developers who have already invested hours of their own time building smart contracts and self-teaching technology such as Solidity and web3.js may now find themselves being offered the job of their dreams – with a nice salary package to match!

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