Meet Shireen Yip – the founder behind the Queensland crypto payment processor startup, TravelbyBit, making waves in the travel industry and recent recipients of an epic $3.5M grant from Binance. Interviewed here by founder Akasha Indream, Shireen speaks about her recent initiatives such as establishing Brisbane’s world first digital currency airport, and Australia’s first digital currency town Agnes Water 1770. 

Shireen, what’s the story behind TravelbyBit?

Shireen: Co-founder Caleb and I came up with the idea 3 years ago whilst on a kitesurfing trip to Sri Lanka. We were visiting a really remote part of the country where they had this giant lagoon perfect for kitesurfing.

We loved it so much we decided to extend our stay but the hostel we were staying at could not process our payment and we had run out of cash. The hostel itself had recently lost access to credit card payments so they had no choice but to tell all their guest to make payments after they return home. Imagine running a business where you have to let your international guest go home and hope that they pay you.

We thought there had to be a better. Bitcoin and blockchain payments is the worlds first truly global currency. Anyone can take payment from anywhere regardless of borders or exchange rates. This tech will make global commerce more transparent and efficient.

What’s your background?

Shireen: I graduated from Sydney University in Health sciences but my passion in life has always been about travelling. I like exploring new places, trying new food and seeing new cultures. I feel the experiences you get from visiting other places helps us open our eyes to the way how other people live. It helps us become more aware about what’s going on around the world and helps us become more connected as global society. I’m very happy to be working on a blockchain startup in the travel sector.

What are your main achievements with TravelbyBit?

Shireen: We launched the world’s first crypto friendly airport here at Brisbane International and Domestic Airport. Also we recently launched Town of 1770 and Agnes Water as Australia’s first beachside crypto town. We now have over 200 merchants across major cities in Australia accepting crypto payments.

See Shireen at the Women in Tech Festival, Gold Coast, Oct 24 – 26 2018: