About Amira:

I have finished a master degree in Applied Mathematics and another master degree in Cryptography and Cyber security in France. I started getting interested in the blockchain technology during my second master studies ( around 2016). I joined a French startup « Tessi Lab » to work on proof of existence on the blockchain and I developed smart contracts which store data encrypted on SWARM distributed platform while storing the hash of the document on the blockchain. I have since then worked on more security related topics to audit smart contracts and find vulnerabilities.

I started working after in late 2017 as a security engineer at a blockchain French/American startup « Stratumn https://stratumn.com » to audit their traceability platform which they build on top of Tendrermint blockchain.

By the beginning of 2018, I joined Consensys https://new.consensys.net to work as a cryptographer on creating privacy by design solutions for the Ethereum blockchain. I have since then published a white paper https://github.com/ConsenSys/linnia-resources/blob/master/Technical-Whitepaper.md and I am now building a platform « HellHound » to provide privacy by design solutions to developers working on DApps.