Michelle Tsng, original author of the spotlight on 200 women blockchain thoughtleaders published on Medium this year, and creator of LapTopRadio, is featured in our WIBI member spotlight by community manager Olayinka Odeniran. 

Just earlier this year, women in blockchain was unheard of.  That is not to say there weren’t a few who were involved in different blockchain projects, but they were rarely known.  Now there is a growing number of women who have sparked a change in the dynamics of the community.  By becoming visibly present in different blockchain projects, conferences and groups, these women are paving the way for the next generation.  From all walks of life and all types of background and experiences, these women have come together to make a huge impact in how the future is shaped.

Many of these women from tech developers to CEOs, community leaders and advisors have chosen the telegram group Women in Blockchain International (WIBI) as their central location to collaborate, share ideas, and show case their talents.  One of those women is Michelle Tsing.

Michelle is an attorney, advisor, founder, futurist and so much more.  Michelle is a veteran WIBI member who has connected many members to several projects and shares several insights about the industry. These days you can find Michelle getting ready for events like the First annual Blockchain Hatswalk 2018 on July 16-17th in Santa Clara, advising new projects and blockchain media.

Blockchain Hatswalk was a special and unique expo, bringing together a dynamic mix of Blockchain technologies, ideas, investors and collaborators, with the world of high tech cross-media (image mapping), 3D and fashion.

I had a chance to catch up with Michelle as part of the WIBI community showcase.

What would you like to see different about this space?

Since decentralization is about consensus and distributed decision making away from a central authoritative location or group, I would like to see more women crypto enthusiasts and investors.  Currently, 95% of crypto enthusiasts and investors are male. I believe it’s great that the men invested early and made it for themselves. Traditionally however, power is centered around men. If women also become financially free and become distributed investors themselves, I believe this would elevate the state of men and women.

Why did you join WIBI?

My friend Nissa Szabo told me about Women in Blockchain International. I wanted to support her, and I wanted to support women at large.

How has WIBI helped you in this space?

Women in Blockchain International provides me access to a network of women in the blockchain space. I think this is incredibly valuable and awesome, especially when some of the blockchain conferences lack women.

For the women who have not joined WIBI, what advice would you give them?

There are women out there who support each other. In order to effectuate change, it is more important than ever to support one another.

What superhero would describe you? 

I am Light. I think of light as a pun, and although not perfect, I want to radiate light and be light.

What conference would you like to attend and why?

I am very grateful to have met a number of friends in the crypto and blockchain space in the last couple of months, both men and women. Thus, the name and location of the conferences do not matter much. It’s the people.

What projects are you involved in?

I am CEO of Elevate the Blockchain and I advise a few token companies. I advise TOK.tv Token (decentralization television on the blockchain) on Telegram as t.me/toktvtoken, Doctor Chain (life health platform on the blockchain) on Telegram as t.me/doctorchain and Blackbox Foundation (the future of work) on Telegram as t.me/blackboxtoken. I founded Robotics for Good, and give back to humanity with volunteer work in the AI space – including The Loving AI Project and Robots Without Borders. I am also cofounder of a payments blockchain company since 2015.


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