Veronica Mihai, Founding Partner & Head of Investor Relations at Bloomwater Capital and Community Manager at interviews Roxana Nasoi, whose focus is on Community Leadership, Strategic Partnerships, and Consulting AR, IoT, Blockchain, and AI, in the fortnightly WIBI community spotlight. 

The Women in Blockchain community is growing every day and we at and feel that all leading women in this space have to be highlighted and their profiles shared with the world, to set an example to all people and especially to other women who feel blockchain and cryptocurrency is beyond their reach.

As part of our fortnightly Community Spotlight interview series I had a great time talking about all things blockchain with Roxana Nasoi, a brilliant woman, CCO at Aimedis and a global community builder.

“I am a huge supporter of communities and women in blockchain of course” she mentioned just as she was introducing herself.

Later in our conversation we touched on how attractive blockchain technology is for millennials and this is what Roxana had to say:

“I think it depends on the country. I have travelled to 45 countries in the past 12 months and I had a lot of contact with different people. For example, in Japan and South Korea I’d see a lot of older people interested in blockchain. Even in Hong Kong and Macau, I saw a lot of older age people interested, willing to invest, willing to get involved. Whereas in Europe for example, I see more a combination of people in their early 20’s to late 30’s.”

Roxana also believes that the young generation today is more exposed to business, to the idea of creating your own product and getting funded and making that happen, whereas people little bit more mature, whilst they may have had ideas in their youth, experienced setbacks and difficulty in finding that financial support to develop their ideas further.

Blockchain is going to make a difference worldwide, thinks Roxana – especially where change is needed the most:

“Right now, I see, especially in blockchain, a lot of support for developing countries […] because people want to get involved and finally they are perceived as potential consumers, investors or partners […] so blockchain it’s serving its purpose of unifying and cutting the centralised idea of having one or two major players in the market.”

If you want to hear more about building communities, using your data ethically on the blockchain or about Roxana’s experience in this industry, watch the full interview and leave your comments as they’re most welcomed!

You can connect with Roxana here:
Twitter: @roxanasoi

Author: Veronica Mihai Das (Bloomwater Capital)
Twitter: @Aleenavero