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This year, 2018, has been a tough time for Cryptocurrency with many investors losing a large percentage of their portfolio due to the bear market we have been experiencing. However, from an outsider’s view, you wouldn’t have thought this was the case, based on the conferences and blockchain weeks that have been held this year. They see us continuously flying to new destinations and attending events which often look like an epic party.

These blockchain weeks seem to be getting bigger and better as the bar is set higher and higher after each conference. These weeks are not just about the conference anymore, but the private events that are held around it. Hosted by major players in the industry, and often being invite only, these events allow attendees to network in a more intimate environment at top venues and you can expect there to be a free flow of drinks each time. Some notable mentions are NY Consensus Week, Korea Blockchain Week and most recently, Consensus in Singapore. All of these events had thousands of people flying in from around the world to gather together, share their insights and knowledge and grow the community.

There are always numerous Crypto events happening all around the world and let’s face it, it would be impossible to attend them all. I’ve gone through all the upcoming events for the remainder of 2018 and picked out the best ones so you can start planning the rest of your year and maximise your time. My opinion is based on the speakers at each event and the general hype around the conference so far as well, which factors in the number of funds which will be in attendance.

October 2018

One of the two conferences which will be held back to back during Dubai Blockchain Week

Dubai Blockchain Week

Date: 22nd- 25th Oct 2018

Location: Dubai, UAE

Website: http://www.blockchainweekdubai.com/

Telegram Group: https://t.me/blockchainweekdubai

Spreadsheet of events (compiled by Crypto Round Table): https://goo.gl/Lnyp3R

This will be the biggest crypto week in the Middle East region to date. Back to back Blockchain Conferences over 4 days makes Dubai ‘The Place to Be’ for Investors, innovators & influencers. With events such as a yacht party and after parties held at prestigious venues, you won’t’ want to miss out

Speakers: Tone Vays (Content Creator, Derivatives Trader & Consultant), Tim Draper (Founder at Draper venture funds), Roger Ver (Bitcoin Angel Investor & Bitcoin Evangelist), Henok Tekle (Founding Partner of AlphaChain), Dr. Evan Luthra (Founder of EL Group and Almora Crypto Investment Bank) etc

Hype factor: 7/10


Prague Devcon4

Date: 30th Oct- 2nd Nov 2018

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Website: https://devcon4.ethereum.org/

This will be the 4th Devvon, which is a conference for developers and tickets are sold out. Devcon is our annual Ethereum family reunion. We at the Ethereum Foundation host Devcon to educate and empower our community to build decentralized applications, and to bring Ethereum protocols, tools, and culture to the world.

Speakers: No speakers have been announced

Hype factor: 6/10

November 2018

Malta Blockchain Summit

Date: 1st- 2nd Nov 2018

Location: Malta

Website: http://www.blockchainweekdubai.com/

Telegram Group: https://t.me/maltablockchainsummit2018

Spreadsheet of events (compiled by Crypto Round Table): https://bit.ly/2psU7ys

Malta, with its new regulatory framework, is leading the pack. The Malta Blockchain Summit is a reflection of this momentum.

Expect a buzzing expo and riveting discussions about the world-changing potential applications of the Blockchain as well as AI, Big Data, Quantum Technology and IoT. The Summit anticipates 5,000 delegates and will also feature a Hackathon as well as an ICO Pitch with hundreds of investors.

Speakers: John McAfee (Co-Founder — McAfee Crypto Team & CEO- Luxcore), Mike Butcher (Editor-at-large — TechCrunch), Jon Matonis (Founder — Bitcoin Foundation), Hon. Joseph Muscat (Prime Minister & Keynote Speaker), etc

Hype Factor: 8/10

Macau Sora Summit

Date: 13–14th Nov 2018

Location: Macau, China

Website: http://sorasummit.com/

Sora Summit is the first conference organized by the Sora Foundation & Sora Ventures. The objective of the conference is to educate, reflect, and develop opportunities for collaboration between leaders and communities in the blockchain industry with an emphasis on Asia’s blockchain ecosystem.

Speakers: Jason Fang (Managing Partner of Sora Ventures), Jason Lau (Vice President of OKEx), John Fiorelli (Global Head of Advisory, Kenetic), Michael Gu (Founder of Boxmining), Remington Ong (Partner of Fenbushi Capital), etc

Hype Factor: 5/10

Bangkok Beyond Blocks

Date: 26–27th Nov 2018

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Website: https://beyondblocks.com/summit/bangkok/

Blockchain technology has rapidly moved outside of its regular realms of the Western crypto-sphere and has recently been embraced by Southeast Asia; one of the fastest growing internet technology markets in the world. When it comes to Southeast Asia, with tech startups at the wheel of development combined with the rapid growth in internet adoption, the region is eager to be the destination for investor potential.

Beyond Blocks Blockchain Week is made up of five days of activities held in the heart of Bangkok, made up of amazing networking opportunities, meetups, parties and so much more. Meet the biggest movers and shakers in the industry face-to-face, and be part of the movement to drive the blockchain industry forward in Asia.

Speakers: Justin Chow (Head of Business Development, Cumberland, Asia), Thomas Graham (Managing Partner, TLDR Capital, United Kingdom), Roland Yau (Managing Partner, CoCoon Ignite Ventures, Hong Kong) etc

Hype Factor: 7/10

Singapore Blockshow Asia

Date: 29th- 30th Nov 2018

Location: Singapore

Website: https://blockshow.com/

Starting from 2016 we have been showcasing blockchain solutions, increasing the interest in this emerging technology and gathering thousands of influencers together. 2017 appeared to be a starting point for the community to welcome millions of newcomers interested in the solutions blockchain is offering to the world.

BlockShow Asia is back in 2018 to make a step to the blockchain maturity. Experienced entrepreneurs with real track record, investors, talents, traders, developers, startups — all in one place for 5 days.

Speakers: Jason Fang (Managing Partner of Sora Ventures), Jehan Chu (Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Kenetic), Vincent Zhou (Founding partnerr at FBG Capital), Michael Gu (Founder of Boxmining), Han Kao (Founder & CEO of CryptoBriefing), etc

Hype Factor: 7/10

New York Consensus: Invest 2018

Date: 27th Nov

Location: New York, USA

Website: https://www.coindesk.com/events/consensus-invest-2018/

Invest aims to deliver discussions and debates around trends and investment opportunities for digital assets, the fastest growing alternative investments in history. The event brings together institutional investors, family offices, hedge funds, asset allocators and service providers to underline the current sophistication of digital securities and commodities, as well as to offer forecasts on the evolution of these assets in 2019. Interested in a 2019 outlook event for the world’s most interesting alternative investment? Interested in forecasts on how markets, digital securities, commodities and utility tokens will drive the boom behind an alternative financial system?

Speakers: Nolan Bauerle (Director of Research, CoinDesk), Mark Casady (General Partner, Vestigo Ventures), Garrett Jin (Vice President, BitForex), Tyrone Ross (Managing Partner, NobleBridge Wealth Partners)

Hype Factor: 7/10

December 2018

There do not appear to any notable conferences occurring in December

Myself and the team from Crypto Round Table will be hitting up most of the conferences I have mentioned above, except for the one in New York. Would love to connect if you are going to any of these as well!

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