Thank you to all the writers, contributors, podcasters, partners, interviewees, community admins and community members who have made the thriving community it is for the education and support of women in blockchain and crypto. Congratulations! We turned one!

It was just over a year ago, that I sat down with a friend at a startup accelerator and said “I’ve had an amazing idea!”
I’d spent a few months reading white papers, and contemplating the blockchain space. I’d contacted startup teams, asking how I could help, and got varying degrees of warm replies.
I noticed, again and again, how few women there were on the startup teams, and how few seemed to speak at conferences.
This struck me as something I wanted to change. Wasn’t blockchain about decentralization? Wasn’t it about democracy, equality, inclusion, banking the unbanked – including women?
How could blockchain ever succeed at these aims, if the community on the forefront of adoption didn’t embrace the most basic gender diversity?
And so, in a flash one day, I realised that was part of the answer.
A magazine for women that love tech, and love crypto.
I knew there were other women out there like me, aching to make a difference and have their projects make a lasting beneficial impact – and I wanted to celebrate them.
I wanted to help rise them up where they could be seen.
So that women would never again forget that their projects, their ideas, their achievements, are as much to be celebrated as anyone else’s.
This isn’t just about us, the first generation of blockchain startup founders. It’s about our daughters, for whom this tech will be normalised. What we do now will ripple decades and centuries into the future.
We fought for suffrage. We fought for the right to own property, to divorce, to work, for maternity leave and child assistance, and to be free from domestic violence, discrimination based on our gender, and sexual abuse. We’ve fought for members of the LGBT community to have equal rights to marriage.
Were we going to be pushed to the financial wayside of the blockchain monetary revolution? No. We rose up, and we will keep rising. A woman who is financially independent is a free woman. If the fight for adoption of blockchain and crypto is a fight for the awareness of the importance of holding our own private keys, our own data, our own tokens, then this is a women’s fight as much as anyone else’s.
In Australia, single mothers head 765,000 families, and 245,00 of these women and their children, live in acute poverty. It’s not enough to say that these women should be running their own bitcoin nodes or “eventually, be oppressed & become a victim“. Someone has to teach them how, and someone, or a collective, has to airdrop it to them.
The actions of every one of us count. Thank you for being here, for reading, and for being part of our community.

Year 1 Milestones

We had the foresight last year to create as a media portal even before gender issues had come to the collective conscious of the blockchain world or the media that supports it.

Since then, it’s been making headlines, and we’ve seen a blossoming of women in blockchain and crypto groups, and podcasts around the world.

As a collective standard, the blockchain industry has moved from conference parties held at strip clubs, to active anti harassment policies at the most progressive events.

We’ve moved from hardly any women at some conferences, to a plethora of conferences reaching out and asking us “how” to make their speakers more diverse.We’ve published hundreds of articles at, a generous number of them being also by men, and we have had over 114,000 hits on the website.

We’ve seen the Women in Blockchain Impact Group ( grow from 40 members to nearly 700.

We’ve shared diversity encouraging discount codes, invited each other to conferences, and made thousands of connections world-wide.

We’ve gone from no dedicated women in blockchain conferences, to two global women in blockchain conferences in one year (Women on the Block, May and November) as well as dozens of other, localized women in blockchain conferences, panels and WIB meetups.

If it’s happening, and it’s about women in blockchain, you’ll hear it in
Or join our public women in blockchain group

Future Development

It’s not over yet, though. has an ongoing mission to hold women up in the spotlight, to 50/50 and beyond.We can’t do it using traditional growth hacking means as, being a site that mentions crypto and blockchain, we are banned from most social media advertising.

We rely on you, and your support for diversity, inclusion and equity.

Please help us continue our work by picking three articles, and sharing them on social media. It will make a GREAT birthday present!
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Thanks again, everyone, for a brilliant, high achieving year
Akasha Indream
Founder and Chief Editor.