This week we discuss the following topics to satisfy your nonstop cravings for cryptocurrency-related jurisprudence:

  1. Practical Law for Crypto Pros – Roxana and Ramy start us off with a discussion about KYC/AML and why it matters. Also, can airdropped tokens be considered securities?
  2. CryptoLaw School – Professor Andoni teaches us about application of Antitrust Law in the Blockchain industry.
  3. CryptoLegal News Feature– Grant tells us about a blockchain technology patent application filed by Alibaba that puts Big Brother on the Blockchain.

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About :

The CryptoLaw Podcast is a weekly episodic podcast featuring discussions with a wide variety of experts and practitioners in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Each week we pick at least one topic that has direct application to people in the industry. We also cover some of the more interesting legal issues as well as the latest crypto law related news.


– Roxana Nasoi (a global influencer, advisor, consultant, and businesswoman in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries)
– Ramy Gabal (founder of crypto news site Crypto Weekly News as well as the co-founder and managing partner of BlockRake Inc., a blockchain business consulting firm)

Regular guests:

– Grant Gulovsen (an Illinois-licensed Intellectual property & cryptocurrency lawyer),
– Wes Williams (a California-licensed attorney in private practice focusing on Business, Financial Services, Real Estate and Technology Industries),
– Olta Andoni (a New York-licensed intellectual property attorney and adjunct professor at the Chicago-Kent College of Law),
– Zach Smolinski (a registered patent attorney and experienced general counsel with a strong interest in emerging tech)
– Benny Rozin (a serial entrepreneur with hands-on experience in Telecom, IoT and Hardware startups).




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