Today we explore learning about the blockchain, because this is a forever ongoing process!

Host Maya Middlemiss is joined by colleague Diana Berryman, who runs social media at BlockSparks, for themselves and for clients. Maya recruited her to the team based on her expertise in this particular craft, so she had to get up to speed fast on the brave new world of blockchain and crypto.

So she wanted to talk to Diana about what helped her to do this, which resources she found most useful at the start. The discussion ranges from Youtube influencers, to staying on top of rolling news via the Twitter lists she is curating daily anyway – the perfect way to scan the important conversations.  And they also touch on the University of Nicosia’s MOOC, ‘Introduction to Digital Currencies’, which she and some colleagues are currently undertaking, joining a global cohort of thousands. A comprehensive and well-structured overview of the key areas in crypto and blockchain, and it’s FREE – what more can you ask?

Find out more about the course here:

And check out the social media feeds that Diana manages, sharing the best in crypto news and info:

We also recommend the Jameson Lopp list of Bitcoin Resources:

Crypto Alphabet:

B is, of course, for Bitcoin.

The original cryptocurrency, minted in January 2009 – it remains the highest priced and highest market cap by a wide mile, and for many, it’s the only crypto in existence.  Learn about where it all began!

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