Veronica Mihai Das is an investment architect for Bloomwater Capital and community manager at, Telegram’s largest exclusively women in blockchain group. She interviews leading women in blockchain for MissBlockchain, and this week we feature Daisy Ozim, renown for her contributions to blockchain for social justice and impact in the US and elsewhere. 

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If you want to feel totally energised and ready to just dive in and learn about blockchain then you need to spend few minutes with Daisy Ozim. She is a force of nature, a passionate woman that knows how tough life can be and she is inspiring others to empower themselves.

Daisy is the Director of Blockchain for Social Justice, an US organisation promoting the utilisation and access of blockchain technology by non-technical individuals, marginalised community members, organisations and government institutions.

She strongly believes that blockchain can help implement true democracy, eliminate wealth gap, poverty and help women in vulnerable situations.

The passion she exudes when talking is amazing and her strength is a vibe that transcends even through a screen, thousands of miles away. Her organisation is educating and inspiring people, giving them access to the tools and knowledge to understand the blockchain ecosystem. She also organises events in places where access for the most vulnerable is limited and she helps startups that are looking to use blockchain in their business development.

​​Daisy Ozim is the ​founder​ of​ Resilient​ ​Wellness,​ a​ ​​public health​ ​startup ​designed​ ​to re-establish​ cultural​​ ​medicine​ access​ ​ for​​ ​marginalised​ ​communities. As a board member for the Bay Area Entrepreneurship Alliance, she works to ensure access to resources and support for emerging entrepreneurs. She​ is a Commissioner for the Alameda Public Health Commission ​ ​and​ ​her​ ​work​ ​is​ centred​​ ​around​ ​decolonising philanthropy,​ ​technology and​ ​public policy. ​

Daisy also runs the Blockchain for Social Justice collective, a platform designed to promote education and access of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for marginalised communities.

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