Who Makes Miss Blockchain?

MissBlockchain.Tech is a leading, global news portal advocating for women in cryptocurrency, blockchain and related emerging technologies.

MissBlockchain.Tech was created to incentivise women’s ownership of cryptocurrency, contribution to software development, representation on related subject matter and participation in investment capital.

From the MissBlockchain.Tech news portal spun one of the world’s most active women in blockchain groups WIBI.io with 400+ members: women who are contributing to blockchain business development from Asia to Australia, Canada, UK, EU, the Americas, and Russia.

These women are startup and corporate founders, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, software developers, cybersecurity managers, corporate board members, lawyers, conference organisers, crypto journalists, miners, traders, researchers, social enterprise advocates, and much, much more.

Our Management Team

Akasha Indream


Akasha is an engagement, communications, and community management specialist, providing independent marketing, project management and engagement services to ICOs and blockchain startups. She created MissBlockchain.Tech as a publishing platform to increase awareness for blockchain startups aiming for social and environmental impact, and to promote the work of Women in Blockchain globally. At university, Akasha studied international human rights law, gender and legal theory, history, and creative writing, editing the Women and the Law Society journal and other student publications graduating with Honours. She led a diverse national team of online volunteers to win the UN World Youth Summit Award for Community Engagement in 2005. Akasha is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Alice Hlidkova

Strategic Partnerships Architect

Alice consults with individuals and businesses on cryptocurrency education and blockchain technology execution, advocating for women in blockchain. She is on the core management team for Pitch Investors Live, a new blockchain-backed platform where startups and entrepreneurs pitch business ideas and proposals to investors live. She started her consulting agency while a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University where she helped launch a tech public-private organization recognized by President Obama. Previous clients include: U.S. Department of Defense, InfusionSoft and Digital Age Business. She is based in Chicago, USA.

Olayinka Odeniran

Community Manager & Cybersecurity Architect

Olayinka is a blockchain and cryptocurrency specialist who focuses on raising awareness of the benefits of blockchain. Olayinka brings her years of experience in the securities industry as a Chief Compliance Officer. She graduated from Boston University and is currently earning her Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity Management and Policy from University of Maryland University College. She is a speaker at several conferences and most recently was a speaker at the Information Security Audit and Control Association (ISACA) conference. Olayinka is based in Washington D.C.

Veronica Mihai

Community Manager & Investment Architect

With over 13 years experience supporting enterprise projects in non-profit organisations, private corporations and public sector in the UK and Europe, Veronica now concentrates her skills and knowledge in the Blockchain space. She invests in women-led start-ups and blockchain projects and is the co-owner of an enterprise grade mining farm based in the UK.

Sunny Osea

Community Manager & Trader Architect

Sunny graduated from Community College of Philadelphia with two associates degrees with honors: Liberal Arts and Business Administration. She provides assistance to people in all experience levels of cryptocurrency. She is also a blockchain content creator and is building her own blog and community, cryptoladybug. Her previous clients include Cryptoadvisors, Snapay, Potentiam and Effect.AI. Sunny is based in Philadelphia, United States.