Author: Alice Hlidkova

Gayatri Sarkar: Interview with a Bitcoin Catalyst

Gayatri takes 4-5 pitches daily, from companies looking to raise between $1-10 million. SportVEST is a potential $100 million+ global fund. She is also raising capital for her own fund, so is pitching to traditional funds and family offices. Learn from her what it takes to be a success in the VC world in this interview.

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Ask Alice: Women in Blockchain, Step Up and Pitch

Frustrated about the lack of women in the marketplace, I began creating educational videos about my experience. Often I answered questions from the community, pointing them to resources. Soon enough I became an adviser and a partner in a company. If anyone questioned my abilities I pointed them to my 200+ videos and blog posts and gave them the testimonials I have collected in the last year. You don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. You are your biggest value proposition.

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