Author: Evelina Bajorune

Why Aren’t There Any Projects Focused on Women in Blockchain?

By allowing the public to invest in a company directly, rather than a small group of investors with a potential bias, blockchain has the potential to make startups more democratic and remove gender barriers, writes Moms Avenue entrepreneur Evelina Bajorune. So if ICO’s are going to help more women enter the industry, what else has been stopping them so far? The main factor is the implicit assumption that women can’t code or aren’t good with technology. The blockchain industry is quickly developing into the most talked about the technology of this decade. Other major technological advances, namely artificial intelligence...

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I am a woman, and I want to buy some Bitcoins

Are you a woman who owns Bitcoin? Apparently, you’re one of a 3.43% minority, says Evelina Bajorune, Founder of Moms Avenue – the first blockchain-powered social entrepreneurship platform dedicated entirely to moms.  Moms Avenue In recent years, the rate of women entrepreneurs has been growing at a percentage at least double that of their male counterparts. However, these woman-friendly highlights do not shine over the Bitcoin market. According to the newest figures from Coin Dance, the margin between male and female is still huge. It shows that there are 96.57% male users compared to 3.43% female. There are many charts of the richest Bitcoin users all...

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