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Academy Xi Blockchain Educator Offers Scholarships through MissBlockchain

Australian based Academy Xi are partnering with Miss Blockchain to sponsor $1,000 scholarships for their Australian Designing for Blockchain course.
Over 10 weeks, part-time, you’ll learn how to take advantage of what is indeed the new economy. Use the latest tools and resources to develop your very own Blockchain concept. There are no course prerequisites, and expert instructors will teach you from the ground up.

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CryptoRecruit Blog: more women in blockchain & cryptocurrency

As blockchain and crypto transitions from its early beginnings where most roles are technical (where women are under represented), new roles will start to emerge. Women are better represented in areas such as finance, strategy, sales and marketing. More of these roles will occur as the segment develops, presenting excellent opportunities for women.

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The ixo Protocol Revealed – How This Blockchain Project Is Helping The UN Achieve Its Sustainable Development Goals

With the 2030 deadline looming, we need to enlist as many global citizens as we can – if we are to make a significant dent on the $2.5 trillion estimated annual budget for the 2030 Agenda and on its 17 SDGs. We need to increase confidence in the giving process to encourage more participation and exponentially increase our chances of success.

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