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Akasha Indream

Akasha Indream

Editor and Founder

Alice Hlidkova

Alice Hlidkova

Contributor and Blockchain Advocate

Veronica Mihai

Veronica Mihai

Contributor and Community Admin

Akasha has been leading communications at iomob for several months. She is very professional, dedicated and even passionate about representing our project across a range of communication mediums. It has been a pleasure working with her and I hope to continue our productive professional relationship for years to come!

Boyd Cohen PhD

Co Founder and CEO ,

I was attending a conference where Akasha was the keynote speaker. She has a tremendous socialising ability.
When I told her we were planning a conference in Malaysia later this year and looking for diverse speakers, she instantly connected us to her global network. Now we have a diverse selection of international speakers.

Arash Sardahai

Global Business Development Director , BCconf

Akasha recently invited me to join a discussion panel on the BrightTALK webinar platform, to explore the topic: Relationships on the Blockchain. She was so well prepared for the event, with unique and poignant questions prepared for each speaker, which demonstrated her impressive depth of research and insight. She is such a talented moderator and speaker, I really look forward to working with her again!

Leah Callon-Butler

Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer,

At MissBlockchain.Tech, we have:

  • Talent for hire, on demand.
  • Ads space for your relatable products and services.
  • Breaking news on blockchain and other related, emerging technologies to be provided for your organization.
  • Consulting on how existing blockchain startups can reach a larger women demographic.

Alice Hlidkova, head of content & community outreach, says:

“We have all the talent you need, from any part of the world. We have blockchain experts in: legal, accounting, finance, software development, private equity, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. They are all here, on our website, on LinkedIn and on Telegram.”

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