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Shireen Yip Interview: How merchants get paid in crypto with TravelbyBit

MissBlockchains founder Akasha Indream interviews TravelbyBit COO Shireen Yip about recent initiatives such as Brisbane’s world’s first digital currency airport and Australia’s first digital currency town Agnes Water 1770. We also discuss the vision and future of TravelbyBit and the importance of helping shape regulations around blockchain technology applications.

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The Birth of Blockchain Babes: A women in blockchain movement

MissBlockchain talks with Patricia Parkinson, Innovation Strategist working with digital entrepreneurs to build brands that inspire collaboration and co-creation, and driver of the Blockchain Babes, a movement for women leadership in Blockchain based in Australia. Watch her video presenting at Tulip Conf in San Fransisco.

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Cybersecurity for Dummies Series I Crypto in Your Neighborhood Part 2… Digital Pickpockets

I had been traveling and juggling multiple things at once, including jet-lag, when I finally decided to give some time to understand the situation with Ian Balina. I’ve seen several articles about his recent security breach and have caught up on his telegram and twitter mention describing the incident. As I’m reading all the information I’m recognizing a familiar situation that can happen to many of us at any given time. Pay attention and listen close because you are not far off from being the next victim.

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